Episode 057: Meet Mitch King- Singer-Songwriter, Traveler, and Surfer

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:55 When We Didn’t Know About COVID-19
  • 04:00 A Surfer Born from the Inland
  • 10:56 Life Goal: Sustainable & Comfortable Life
  • 19:07 What Not to do When You’re in Creation Mode
  • 22:10 If You Want to be a Musician…
  • 26:26 Enhance Your Music with Musical Instruments
  • 32:33 It’s All About Surfing the Waves
  • 41:27 2 Ears

Listen to Mitch:

Connect with Mitch:


  • 04:08 “Surfing gives a sense of freedom. It’s a place to unwind and let off a bit of steam.” -Mitch King
  • 13:47 “If it’s a good thing that happens, cool. And if nothing happens, cool.” -Mitch King
  • 18:17 “Recording is like a trust relationship;: you need to feel really comfortable with the producer.” -Mitch King
  • 20:12 “When you’re in the creation mode, don’t take things too seriously.” -Mitch King
  • 22:17 “The trickiest thing is the lyrics. When you want to have that passion to finish the song, it genuinely is sort of based on you caring about the subject of the song. So if you’re passionate about what you’re singing about, then you finish it more quickly.” -Mitch King
  • 23:24 “If you want to be a musician who can keep writing, train yourself to be a writer where you don’t have to worry about the old stuff.” -Mitch King
  • 33:28 “We sometimes take life seriously. And in the end, you realize, you don’t need to stress about every sort of thing. Live a life that’s relaxed and happy. That’s a cool way of looking at what matters when you come to the end of life.” -Mitch King





My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur. My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with surfers about careers.

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