Episode 058: Meet Cory Belyea- a Travel Writer, Teacher, Adventurer, and Surfer

Episode Highlights:

  • 03:35 Surfing All-Year Round
  • 07:47 Meet the Next-Level Weird Guy
  • 15:09 The Unplanned Adventure Begins
  • 26:55 Terrifying Stories and Taking Risks
  • 31:20 The Pathfinder
  • 38:39 Finding A Heart to Give Back
  • 46:46 Seeing the Magic
  • 52:22 We Have SO Much to Learn
  • 01:02:11 Finding Our Voices, Telling Our Stories
  • 01:07:59 Claim the Waves!


Connect with Cory:


  • 08:40 “Life is better if we go for it, and just be who we really are.” -Cory Belyea
  • 10:11 “The ocean had taught me several humbling lessons.” -Cory Belyea
  • 11:05 “We’re all going to take a heavy wipeout in life in general. It’s not going to always pan out exactly how you plan, but if you can take it, absorb it, learn from it, and laugh about it, that’s when you are tapping into something really special.” -Cory Belyea
  • 28:38 “Fear-if you obsess about it, it can manifest.” -Cory Belyea
  • 35:59 “Seeing all these injustices and how the system is set up that we’re a part of- It is not just the corrupt government, it’s also the corrupt government that’s controlled by our corporations that we consumers support and endorse.” -Cory Belyea
  • 39:32 “The roads tell the story of the country.” Cory Belyea
  • 45:36 “One of the objectives of this story was to highlight some people [who have] done everything for surfing and haven’t received a cent from it.” -Cory Belyea
  • 01:05:36 “So many writers out there start something and they never finish it. So my goal is to inspire them and cultivate that vision of what the message is that they want to deliver to the world.” -Cory Belyea
  • 01:07:02 “The essence of surfing and traveling, boils down to talking story.” -Cory Belyea
  • 01:07:40 “The most important thing we have as surfers is surfing. The surf bank never depreciates in value. You can only make withdrawals from it and it only gets better.” -Cory Belyea





My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur. My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with surfers about careers.

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