Episode 50: Meet Julia Colangelo- Educator, Speaker, Flow Researcher, and Surfer

Listen to the episode here:

Episode Highlights:

  • 03:47 The Right Time To Stretch Your Capacity
  • 08:26 The Right Way To Learn
  • 15:19 What Is The Flow State
  • 20:01 The Flow Consciousness
  • 25:04 How To Get Into Flow State
  • 30:10 Surfing and Flow
  • 35:49 Get Into A Unified Flow
  • 38:33 Flow In Intention

Connect with Julia:

Connect with Find Flow Today with Julia Colangelo

Resources Links:


  • 05:55 “It’s not too late. Let me stretch my capacity.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 06:40 “There’s never a right time; there’s never a wrong time… if it’s of interest or if it’s something that is pulling at your heartstrings.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 09:33 “There’s no wrong way to surf if you’re having fun and you’re smiling and connecting again with who you are in whatever that is.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 14:17 “Surfing is creating right a cleaner and a healthier nation and world doing those small micro-actions.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 21:25 “If we’re intentional about how we recover… we’ll be setting ourselves up to have a new opportunity presented to us.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 21:52 “Flow experiences are not all rainbows and butterflies. They are meant to stretch us.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 34:28 The thing about flow is, there’s never crossing something off a list. It’s always stretching our capacity and that’s on a small level or on a global scale.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 38:33 “It all will move in intentional time if we’re connecting with ourselves with the value that we have and not trying to conform to someone else’s timeframe.” -Julia Colangelo
  • 40:00 “If you’re like me and you’re a human that makes mistakes, just go with that and know that that’s just as powerful and informative state of flow.” -Julia Colangelo





My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur. My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with surfers about careers.

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