Episode 52: Meet Philipp Hartmann- Marketing Guru, Seasoned Entrepreneur, and an Amazing Daddy Surfer

Listen to the episode here:

photo credits to: www.honouredbirth.com
Photo credits to: www.honouredbirth.com

Episode Highlights:

  • 03:54 Oneness with the Ocean
  • 10:43 Being Dads
  • 13:41 Pregnancy and Birthing From A Father’s Perspective
  • 21:18 Creating Dad Contents
  • 24:02 What Leads To Family Success
  • 30:22 Relationship Check-Ins
  • 33:23 Advice For Dads
  • 39:34 Teaching Children How To Navigate Life

Connect with Philipp:

Photo credit to Grant Scholtz

Resources Links:

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  • 13:10 “If we can facilitate a family success through having fathers being more involved, we have a direct impact on society.” -Philipp Hartmann
  • 23:50 “Fathers who are more involved is a very high indication for family success.” -Philipp Hartmann
  • 24:16 “My own mission is to live a life worthy of my wife’s and children’s love and respect.” -Philipp Hartmann
  • 36:58 “It’s important to accept and allow the fact that people also have families and not just work.” -Philipp Hartmann
  • 41:46 “It’s more important that you empower children and make sure that they can navigate in a safe, empowered kind of manner because you don’t know what’s coming.” -Philipp Hartmann
Photo credit to Grier Fisher
Photo credit to hewittwrightphotographer





My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur. My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with surfers about careers.

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