This is me and my Longboard

My name is Imi Barneaud and I am a surfer, a mum and an entrepreneur.

My podcast is a series of weekly conversations with creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers.

We discuss our shared love of surfing and how it shapes career choices and business decisions. In The Oceanriders Podcast, some of our guests have gone for an alternative way of life and strongly believe in downsizing, others however, are creating burgeoning businesses to give them the excuse to stay close to the ocean.

That’s me too!

Surfers have an odd and incomprehensible passion that leads them on weird and windy paths but that’s exactly what makes them the most interesting humans on the planet!

Join me and my guests every Friday for a new episode on Medium, on iTunes , Stitcher, Spotify, Deezer, Overcast, IHeartRadio, TuneIn, and most of the podcast apps.

You can find out more about my personal profile in this article I wrote.

Until then, happy surfing, have fun and enjoy the waves!


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